Model 400 - 4.0m (13ft) reach

Tractor powered or fully independent hydraulics
Parallel linkage boom movement
Safety breakback
1m (39") flail head
Adjustable roller fitted to flail head
Suitable foe 35hp tractor
Cable controls
Three point linkage mounted
Left or right hand cut
Choice of flails

Model 455 - 4.6m (15ft) reach
An ideal trimmer for hedgecutting and verge mowing

Parallel boom movement
Safety breakback
Double Skin Cutter Head 1.2m (48") with roller and wire trap
455D Models have direct drive to flail head
Cable or electronic switch controls
High main pivot for over hedge reach
Three point linkage mounted
Suitable for 55hp tractor

Model 580 - 5.8m (19ft) reach
Model 520 - 5.2m (17ft) reach
Model 460 - 4.6m (15ft) reach

Flail head floatation
Right or left hand cut
Boom design leaves most of machine's weight between tractor wheels for greater stability
Hoses fed through boom elements allows clear reach
Parallel boom geometry
Cable, electronic switch or electronic proportional joystick control
Double Skin Cutter head 1.2m (48") with roller and wire trap
245 degrees head floatation
Choice of flails
Flail cutting direction reversible
Safety break-back and break-forward
Twin belt drive from motor to rotor to avoid shock loading
32 degrees power slew
Three point linkage mounted
Deltra flow oil tank to keep oil cool

Optional Extras:

Cranked boom to move flail head forward for improved driver comfort
1.6m (60") Double Skin Cutter Head

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