There are no patent solutions. No short cuts. To design front end loaders that work really well requires something quite different. Trima's business is centered on their aim to give tractor owners the opportunity to get maximum overall value from their tractors and loaders. It is also a question of the tractor driver's working environment. Of being responsive and of having the ability to transform ideas into apt and practical solutions in which man, tractor, loader and implement function as an integrated unit. Every aspect has to be taken into account. All this, allied to innovative thinking, deep-rooted tradition, a highly skilled workforce and modern technology, has placed them among the world's leading manufacturers of Tractor front end loaders.

SERIE 2 For tractorsizes 45-130 h.p. (None parallel)

SERIE 3 For tractorsizes 45-130 h.p. (Parallel)

SERIE 4 For tractorsizes 75-150 h.p. (Parallel)

SERIE 5 For tractorsizes 90-260 h.p. (Parallel)

TRIMAPLUS For tractorsizes 75-260 h.p. (Parallel)

Trima AutoSafe
Hydraulic implement latching
Trima AutoSafe is integrated with our standard hydraulic systems, in connection with the chock-valve, to eliminate the need for any additional hydraulic services. This makes latching cost effective and convenient to retrofit. AutoSafe Hydraulic implement latching is standard on certain loaders.
Manual implement locking
The Trima manual implement locking system has an easy to manoeuvre mechanism with central locking and safety catch.
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Trima's single-level control
Multi function operation with rapid and infinite control of the load is the hallmark of our single lever.
The single level unit is fitted with a safety lock lever to prevent inadvertant movement of the loader.
The same lever operates the 3rd and 4th hydraulic services, which connection and disconnection are done with puch-button switches.

ElektroDrive CDC
Elektro-hydraulic controller
ElektroDrive CDC (Canabus Digital Control) gives the driver maximum comfort and precision for frontloaders operation.
The electro-hydraulic control system gives proportional and exact operation.
The most difficult load are handled with fingertip control all way out on the implement.
Joy-Stick with very small overall dimensions can be placed anywhere in the cabin.
The wrist-support is a help to a safer operation as well as a more convenient and better ergonomic working position.
Programmable for work with 3rd and 4th hydraulic function and also in combination with extern hydraulic, i.e. hydraulic implements with several functions.
Float-Position is activated with single lever-movement.
Also programmable for the drivers individual driving-qualities and adjustable to precision-control, i.e. by pallet handling.

Float - Position
The Trima hydraulic valve has an inbuilt float position. This relieves the lift cylinders of hydraulic pressure allowing the loader and implement to follow the contours of the ground