The Keenan Orbital Spreader is a heavy-duty versatile spreader. It is capable of very high work rates, trouble free operation with a wide range of farm and commercial wastes, and delivers a remarkably uniform spread pattern.

Simple Design and Operation

The basic design of the Orbital is as simple as it is innovative; consisting of a semi-cylindrical tank, rear pushing door and large flywheel at the front.

A heavy-duty hydraulic ram attached to the sliding rear door pushes the material from the back of the machine towards the rapidly spinning flywheel. Forward speed of the rear door is adjusted by a hydraulic valve , thus allowing application rates to be easily altered. Once set at the desired level, material is fed at a constant rate to the flywheel, ensuring a smooth, consistent spread of material.

The fly wheel cosists of a solid steel disk with 6 paddles 1.8m in diameter, rotating at 170 rpm and a cenral counter-rotating spinner. The action of the fly wheel first shreds the material before propelling it through the side opening, where further pulverisation is provided by adjusting the breaker tines at the exit. Unloading takes no longer than 1.5 to 5 minutes (depending on material) ] with the tank being left completely clean and ready for the next load. During loading and transporting, a slurry door separates the main chamber from the flywheel so that liquids can be easily handled and starting torque is kept low.

Power to the machine is applied through a heavy-duty T80 PTO shaft, featuring shearbolt and over-run protection.

Low Power Requirement

For a machine with such high work rates and large capacity, the power requirement is relatively low at 120Hp. Liquid materials require slightly less power

Excellent Weight Transfer

Unique to the orbital is the fact that weight transfer of the material is from the rear axle to the drawbar, as opposed to more traditional spreader designs that move the load onto the rear axle. This design coupled with low ground pressure 16 ply flotation tyres and wide spread width (20m) ensures minimum soil compaction and maximum traction at all times.

Robust Spreading Mechanism

The robust flywheel design easily handles small blocks and stones often found in muck and has been engineered not to gather twines or plastics, so as not to impair performance.

Multipurpose Machine - No Need for Optional Extras

The Orbital features an impressive list of standard features including slurry door, hydraulic brakes and lights, low ground pressure tyres and an electronic boost for faster compaction of the load. Giving the Orbital the versatility to spread most types of material without the need for costly extras.

Reliability and Ease of Maintenance Built-in

With only four main moving parts and legendary Keenan build quality, there is little to go wrong with the Orbital. The heavy-duty single drive chain is easily accessible from the front of the machine (Fig.6) and is not in contact with the material being spread. All bearings are situated outside the chamber to prevent damage by twine, muck etc.The hardened wear plates on the flywheel paddles are easily reversed or replaced. The heavy-duty rubber seals on the slurry door are maintenance free and the seals on the pushing door can be easily adjusted or replaced when necessary.

Award Winning Design

The innovative and proven design of the Orbital has been recognised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) who have awarded the Orbital a Silver Medal.

The judges found the Orbital to have a massive work output, each one replacing three or even four earlier spreaders. Spread pattern was described as superb with no blockages or bridging, low soil damage and outstanding reliability. Individual working machines inspected were handling tens of thousands of tonnes a year without breakdown.

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