Skimmer EG. Wide shallow cut. Works well with both fin coulter and disc coulter.
Skimmer EP. Plastic mouldboard for best scouring properties.
Skimmer EM. Handles large amounts of crop residues. Works best with fin coulter.
Trashboard. Good clearance for straw. Not recomended for sticky soils.
Fin coulter. Low weight and good clearance.
Fixed disc coulter. 18" or 20" plain 20" rippled disc.
Spring loaded disc coulter. 18" or 20" plain or 20" rippled disc.
Furrow widening knife for wide tractor tyres.
Depth wheel steel. Diameter 500 mm, width 160 mm.
Depth wheel rubber. 7.00 x12. Diameter 645 mm, width 182 mm.
Combi wheel for depth control/transport 10.00x12. Diameter 710 mm, width 264 mm.
Combi wheel in forward position for CX 590 F. Diameter 710 mm,width 264 mm.
Combi wheel for excelsior and vari-flex DX models. Dim. 10,5x16. diameter 755 mm, width 275mm.
combi wheel in forward position for excelsior DX models. Diameter 755 mm, width 275 mm.
Hydraulic side adjustment BX.Front furrow width
Hydraulic side adjustment CX/DX. Front furrow width.
Stone release presure adjustment set for on the go adjustment.
Furrow press arm for Excelsior CX and DX. Double acting rubber suspension.
Furrow press arm for Vari-Flex CX and DX. Double acting rubber suspension.
Nivel integrate furrow leveller from three to five furrows.
Other accessories available please contact for details.

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