The Hydraulically operated MAJOR Autocoupler is available on all MAJOR Low Ground Pressure Tankers as an optional extra, or as a Kit which can be fitted to most other Vacuum Tankers available on the Market.

The Arm is fitted at the front of the near side of the tank, where a clear view of the operation can be had from the tractor seat.

The Auto coupler funnel is locked inside the line of the wheel for transportation between jobs.

The gate valve to which the coupler is attached, is hydraulically operated with a spring return (close).

This, when used in tandem with the hydraulic pump change - over totally eliminated the necessity of the operator to leave the tractor seat, apart from the initial set up of the suction hose and the funnel.

One double acting Hydraulic ram turns the coupler around on a fully sealed swivel joint with diameter 150mm (6 inch).

The arm couples with a self levelling funnel where a double seal is formed, ensuring no vacuum loss.

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