The MAJOR Dribble Boom fits onto the rear of the MAJOR LGP Tanker. Available in 3 widths 8ft (2.4m), 20 ft (6m) & 40ft (12m).

The 20 ft & 40 ft are both equipped with hydraulic rams allowing the boom extensions to fold vertically.

The Boom can be easily removed from the tank.

The MAJOR LGP Tanker shown here is also fitted with Jetter / Rain Gun attachment & 6" quick fill coupling on the side of the tanker. Road lighting kit is fitted as standard.

Product Features: Each of the outlet nozzles is fitted with unique spring loaded chokes which are pressure activated. These open under the pressure of slurry but will spring closed when no material remains. Even application of material results in this system as even pressure builds up over the entire boom length. It also prevents slurry dripping on roadways.

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