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Is your lawn larger than 1000 m² ? Then you should definitely choose a ride-on lawnmower. If your lawn has curves, slopes, flowerbeds and trees the ideal thing for you is a ride-on lawnmower with a front mounted cutter deck. STIGA has three groups of products with the cutting deck up front; PARK PRO, PARK and VILLA and if you have exceptionally steep slopes A four wheel drive model might be just what you are looking for

If you have decided to collect the grass clippings when you cut the grass, then you should choose the Garden & Estate models. You get a perfect cut and clean lawn.

For a more robust machine there is the Titan which has been developed for proffesionals by proffesionals and sets new standards for flexibility and efficiency.

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check out the new E Park 220 a fully electic front cut mower


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